Firma Haliburton s.r.o. nabízí mikroserie reklamních a propagačních předmětů pro malé firmy i jednotlivce

Služby pro firmy a podnikatele Haliburton s.r.o. - consulting. Poradenství, zastoupení, analytika a studie. Servisní a správní služby, zajištění prací a služeb.

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Proč právě HALIBURTON s.r.o. ?

  • Haliburton – The Company

    Haliburton is a 100% Czech legal entity, owned in full by Mr. Martin Šorm.

    CZ business license No.27237541 for: wholesale trade, intermediary agent, consulting and business services, training, marketing analysis, translation.

    Employing members of the family only; and network of subcontractors.

    Haliburton was incorporated March 2005 as a successive entity of a construction & consulting company, performing under trade name “Happy House” since 1998. In 2005, Happy House separates as an entire construction company, while Haliburton is taking over the “clean office” and moves to Prague downtown, where we are constructing new offices, hoping to continue with successful foundation/development of small companies, as it always was since 1995.

    Profile of services for foreign entrepreneurs:

    a) preliminary and preparation

    * Searching for contacts: finding and using databases. Advertising, direct mailing, follow-up-call. Will phone and visit all potential customers throughout the Czech republic and Middle Europe. Obtaining information - general (competition, market research).
    * Marketing information - concepts, strategies, planning, product acceptance
    * Correspondence (also fliers and brochures) translated/checked/printed in the Czech republic. Language polishing, press-proof, editorial for CZ alphabet & expected marketing concepts. Will translate, rearrange, prepare and print communication convenient for a Czech customer.

    b) direct presentation

    * The best working presentation in the Czech Republic is shows, with immediate and continuing follow-up. Will include you at each/selected show - in a small, but effective booth to display export-ready products. Using Czech citizens, we have a good flavor of what are expected, relevant product expectations.
    * Will organize seminars and public presentations, send invitations, prepare PR articles.

    c) virtual branch

    * Will establish a Virtual Branch - including: local mailing address, local phone number with Czech-speaking assistance, E-mail box. Internet homepage including weblisting.
    * All incoming requests, calls and mail will be replied, taken care of, analyzed. Monthly feedback reporting & statistics.
    * Vice-versa, a Czech speaking individual will call and write to maintain contact and establish good relationships and care about further follow-up.

    d) establishing business activities:

    * When businesses from abroad need guidance, we can offer assistance in establishing legal entities and relevant legislation, startup approvals, and product acceptance.
    * We can assist with hiring Czech employees, finding office and factory sites, and troubleshooting of most types.
    * Remote access to your Czech partners: any inquiries and/or requirements, no need to hassle with local people, their habits and time zones. Simply E-mail us, and we take care.

    Overall - Haliburton can offer:

    * knowledge of local markets, contacts, experience
    * professional appearance, customer service and administrative experience
    * management qualified by business education, highly motivated, strong work ethic
    * primary office based in residential house (unlimited office hours), liberally equipped with powerful computers: databases, analysis, word processing, printing, data/fax/telecommunication, Internet, cell-phone, cars, administrative background, servants and menials
    * offices at Prague downtown available for important appointments and good address
    * your efficient presence at the CZ market with the least minimum input investment

    Martin Šorm, martin.sorm@haliburton.eu